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Homeowner Duty of Maintenance/Care


Hello Riverwalk Tucson homeowners and residents;
Property values for all owners are affected when the property is not maintained. As of late, we have been running into some issues for the owner’s responsibility segment. Please see the attached matrix defining the HOA’s responsibility, and the homeowners responsibility.
Below is a brief Quick List for the Owner’s Duty of Maintenance/Care. Please know the Duty of Maintenance/Care is the responsibility of each homeowner when the property is rented to either ensure the tenant is handling it or hiring it to be done.

Quick List for the Owner’s Duty of Maintenance/Care (not all inclusive)
1. Animal Waste is regulated by Pima County and City of Tucson with both ordinances requiring removal within 24 hours. If you are walking your pet on the common areas, pick up is immediate.

2. Do not attach décor, lights, and other items to the stucco of the Townhomes.

3. All weeds on the Lot of the homeowner property are the responsibility of the owner to remove and keep the Lot maintained.
4. Maintaining all vegetation where it is not growing onto the sidewalk.

5. All exterior modifications require an Architectural Review Submittal. For details, please feel free to contact the Community/Property Manager, Lauren Lee by phone or email: 623-670-0118 or lauren@hbscommunity.com

6. Unregistered and or inoperable vehicles may not be stored whereas being visible on property and are prohibited from being parked within the common area(s).
7. No crossways parking in front of the garage entrance or home unless it is for moving in or out or loading and unloading for a brief period (if there are no visible signs of either, then a parking violation will be mailed).

8. Pool Fobs are for homeowners for access to the pool. If the owner decides to rent the property, extra fobs are not distributed
Speed Limit:
9. Drive a slow speed.

10. All trash cans and recycle cans must be stored within the garage, or behind the side gate; but not be visible except for actual service days. Containers may be placed out the night before service and must be retrieved and properly stored no less than the morning after the day of service.
Riverwalk Tucson is a special and beautiful community. Property values for all owners are affected when the community does not look and feel pristine. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining your areas.

Thank you!
Lauren Lee